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Get Paid to Lose Weight

Getting motivated to lose weight is hard. Like, really hard.

Believe me, I’ve been there. I’ve struggled with my weight my entire life. On and off, I’ve had a little success with losing weight, but I usually have a hard time getting started or reach a point where I lose my will to keep going. I reach a plateau, the holidays come along, I hit a wall of depression, I start feeling like I just can’t do it… you name it, it’s thrown me off.

It all comes down to motivation. It’s such a personal thing. Everyone has that “a-ha” moment when they’re ready to make the change. That moment when they believe they can do it, they want it badly enough, and they’re committed to making it happen. For some people it’s easy and natural. For others, it can take years and a scary wake-up call.

So what motivates you? Is it an upcoming wedding? Health issues? Your class reunion? Setting an example for your children? Or maybe that bikini you bought for summer vacation?

But what about money? What if I told you that you could actually get PAID to lose weight? I’m talking about making up to $10,000 just for shedding the pounds you were already wanting to lose! You’d probably laugh in my face, right? Well go right ahead and laugh, because while you’re doing that, I’ll be laughing my way to the bank.

HealthyWage┬áis a super cool website that allows you to place bets on your success in losing weight. You set your weight loss goals, choosing how many pounds you want to lose and in what length of time, and then pick how much you’re willing to bet. If you meet your goal, you win cold hard cash! You can even join special challenges and go in with a team to increase your prize. It’s all the fun of gambling, but without the huge risks, because you CAN and you WILL win!

Sound too good to be true? Never fear! HealthyWager has been around for years and it totally legitimate. It has been featured on CNN, The Today Show, Good Morning America, and countless other major media outlets. My husband and I even gave it a try and made $800 each, just for losing weight!

So what are you waiting for?! If this doesn’t motivate you, I don’t know what will!

Today is the day. The day that you’re going to make the change. The day you’re going to bet on yourself.

Ready to get paid to lose weight? Make a HealthyWager TODAY!


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