US Pacific Command Issues FALSE Missile Warning Inbound to Hawaii


Just after 10AM PST, The US Pacific Command issued a phone alert for a ballistic missile threat inbound to Hawaii, warning residents to seek immediate shelter.

Being only approximately 8AM on a Saturday in Hawaii, most received this text as a wake up call that seemed more like a nightmare.

With no news coverage or sirens, thousands of panicked Hawaii residents and visitors took to Twitter for details.

The Emergency Broadcast then began warning that a missile may make impact on land or sea within minutes, urging people to take immediate shelter.

Minutes later, Hawaii House Representative, Tulsi Gabbard took to Twitter, stating that officials confirmed with her that the warning was a false alarm.

About 20 minutes later, Emergency Management Agency official, Vern Miyagi, confirmed with local and on Twitter that the missile threat labeled in the warning as “not a drill” was actually a drill.

Emergency Management then sent an additional phone alert, stating again that the missile alert was a false alarm.

CNN producer, Lorenza Ingram was visiting Hawaii with her family, when the event occurred. After all was said and done, she described her experience of receiving the warning and attempting to seek shelter.

Despite the brief scare, some Twitter users have quickly shifted gears from fear to poking fun at the error.

Others found the mistake unacceptable and are demanding answers.

House of Representatives Speaker Scott K. Saiki addressed the situation after that matter with the following statement:

An investigation will be underway to determine the details of what happened and responsible parties will be held accountable.