My Husband Is Nuts About Ball Wash

When an ad popped up in my feed for something called “Ball Wash” I obviously had to know more. I clicked on the website and checked out the amazingly named product. What I found was pretty intriguing.

The company described their premiere product as “Men’s Nuts, Butt, and Body Wash” — again, I had to know more. (I’ll give these guys credit where credit’s due: Their marketing is on point!)

As I read the description, I was thoroughly impressed. BallWash was formulated with the male anatomy in mind. They use only the best natural ingredients that are free of sulfates, parabens,and synthetic dyes, leaving your skin feeling moisturized. The wash features a fresh, yet not overpowering clean scent. And the really cool part is, they use activated charcoal, which is known for its powers of trapping toxins and chemicals that draw out bacteria, poisons, chemicals, dirt, and microparticles to the surface of the skin.

BallWash is 96% natural. They use a vitamin-infused mixture, complete with ten essential oils and plant extracts including lavender, cedarwood, cucumber, green tea and bamboo leaf. As for the remaining four percent, their website states that natural scents just didn’t cut it when it comes to holding up under the heat and moisture that your balls puts out so they decided to go with an incredible smelly synthetic fragrance that is long-lasting. Plus, it’s cruelty-free and made in the USA!

I read a few reviews and they were so amazing, I immediately knew I had to get some for my husband for Valentine’s Day. Not because I think he particularly smells or anything, but he definitely has some days when he mentions that he feels like his boys aren’t the freshest. He loves trying new products almost as much as I do, so I knew he would enjoy giving this little experiment a shot. Plus, the adorably funny gift box was too amazing to pass up.

When it arrived, I surprised him with it and he was super excited… after he finished laughing at the hilarious name and description on the bottle. Before even trying it, he already loved it, based on the packaging. He’s definitely a sucker for things that look cool and the bottle admittedly has a really sleek, masculine design. He was also excited just for the pure idea of having a product specifically designed to wash his balls. I use a specific pH-friendly intimate wash for my lady parts, so I think he liked the idea of having a similar product.

He gave BallWash a try the next morning and was super stoked to tell me how much he loved it. He liked the scent, describing it as a nice manly/earthy scent that’s just strong enough to be noticeable but not overbearing. His favorite thing about it was actually the consistency.

He said that, unlike most soaps and body washes he has used in the past, it’s liquidy enough that it “gets into every crevice” but also has enough viscosity that it will actually stay put and work its magic, instead of immediately dripping off. (You can imagine my face as he described this to me.) However, he had no problems easily washing it off. He even enjoyed the neat yet deceiving black charcoal color of the liquid, as it appears as though you’re actually making yourself dirtier, yet washes off squeaky clean.

After using for a couple of weeks now, he is still loving it and finding it to work very well. His junk stays fresh all day long. Even when skipping a shower and going a couple of days without using it, he has still found his nether regions to not really start to take on that “balls” smell we all know too well. That’s definitely more than he can say for his normal basic body wash.

This isn’t just for the men, either. Everyone benefits from his downstairs smelling fresh. Ladies, you know what I’m talking about. 😉

For a solid product that’s nicely packaged, natural, and actually keeps a dude’s balls from smelling like… well… balls… I would say this stuff is definitely worth the investment! The best part is, they offer a 30 day money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose!

So how ’bout it? Think you or your man could benefit from some help keeping the funk off that junk? Get BallWash HERE and say no to nasty nuts for good!